What Trends And Changes For Adelaide Property Valuation Real Estate ?

Activity is slowing down at the end of 2021 as usual before the end of the year holidays. This is an opportunity to take stock of the main figures and indicators to remember.

After a year 2020 marked by periods of confinement which made purchases and sales of homes more difficult, the year 2021 was marked by an explosion in sales of old homes over a rolling year. We reached the record of 1,204,000 real estate transactions in the old between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021:

This strong dynamism of the activity stems in particular from a strong attraction for properties which offer more space and which are (slightly) further away from the large agglomerations. Indeed, house sales have exploded and secondary-sized cities with quick access to Paris or other major cities have experienced a strong resurgence of interest from buyers looking for more nature and surface area. .

This explosion in demand for Adelaide Property Valuation purchases while the supply of housing for sale has not increased at the same time is causing an explosion in prices and a scarcity of properties for sale.

Over the past few years, there has been a fairly strong trend: real estate prices have risen sharply in very large cities such as Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux and this was much less strong in smaller and less popular cities. In the more rural sectors, prices were fairly stable or even slightly up, but very far from the average price trend.

In 2021, the market is changing and we are seeing stable prices for an apartment in Paris. Despite inflation of almost 2% over one year (and therefore in reality a drop in the real price of Parisian housing), buyers have instead turned to smaller cities. We have thus seen prices increase almost everywhere in the Province, sometimes very sharply. Many city dwellers have purchased a new primary or secondary residence outside of overly densely populated cities. This causes difficulties for locals who want to stay.

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